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  • these chips look phenomenal! I'm ordering 2 tomorrow to make a thermostat control with an outdoor thermometer for my second property that i use to manage rental houses. these chips fit the bill perfectly, and its much more fun to build your own stuff :) i can see the outside temperature and adjust it to where the pipes wont freeze in the winter, then i can change it to a comfortable temperature before i leave (its roughly 2 hours away) but i had another question rearguarding these wonderful chips. is the speed fast enough that i could make a WIFI usb port/hub? all i need to do is transfer the data signals on the two data pins in a usb port too and from the usb port on my computer, it appears these can more than handle that, but would it respond fast enough to be recognized by my computer? i really love how you, hugof, have taken the initiative to go toe to toe with fanboys of other companies and prove you have the superior product, or that its not what they specifically need. i am giddy with excitement to get my hands on a couple of these with breakout boards, i look forward to enjoying your product -Joe

  • these look great!

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