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  • Product WRL-10534 | about 2 months ago

    I recently bought this nifty set of outlet remotes from Amazon.
    I need to control the outlets with an RF transmitter like this one. The remote outlets have a “learn” function so I’m wondering if I can get this and make up a random code and make the outlet relays learn it. Does anyone have a suggestion? BTW, I do not have access to the remotes that originally came with the set, so I’ll need to use a transmitter like this. Thanks!

  • News - Your SparkFun January Cap… | about 3 months ago

    Dude! This new Twister Extreme game is awesome! Left foot 8" rubber belts!

  • Tutorial - Controlling an Arduino with an iPhone | about 5 months ago

    Try and use a stable release of Processing. 1.5.x should work. Other than that, just Bing it :)

  • Tutorial - Controlling an Arduino with an iPhone | about 5 months ago

    Hey guys! I’ve worked with OSC and Processing quite a lot, so if you have a question, I might be able to help you. Be specific please :)

  • Product KIT-11042 | about 5 months ago

    Ok, someone make sense of all this for me. I just want to switch small loads on regular 110V household electric. I’m thinking stuff like a lamp, ceiling light, small electrics, etc. I don’t have experience with mains stuff yet, but I have to start somewhere. I’ve seen the PSTII but frankly it’s too much $$ to drop on a single relay. Can someone tell me if this is ok to plug and play? I really want to use these with my arduino, but the comments always scare me away.

  • News - November Caption Contest | about 5 months ago

    This was a bright idea guys, but I hope you don’t take this situation lightly.

    I don’t know watt you are talking about! This is a great plan, and I find you skepticism revolting. Just socket up and let’s get this thing going already! I’m so amped!

  • Product SEN-09652 | about 10 months ago

    Is this appropriate for use in a segway? I’m trying to figure out if I need to buy something with a gyro too like here:

  • Product SEN-10251 | about 10 months ago

    Is this product suitable for use in a DIY Segway? I’m just learning about IMUs and advanced sensors like this, so if anyone can tell me the cheapest option that will give me a decently accurate reading of the tilt (leaning forwards and back) it would be fantastic.

  • Product COM-11473 | about 11 months ago

    I am doing a project involving this right now. It is very good quality and works well. It might be actuated by a paper clip if I really try, but for general purpose stuff this is perfect

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