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  • Thanks for the tutorial. I was able to get it up and running. Could you possibly provide a "hello world" example sketch for this board? The 18 file setup you use in the tutorial is a little tricky to adapt to my needs, so I'd like to start from the basics. Maybe just a basic LoRa Receive sketch would be a good starting point. Thanks!

  • These new sound cards sure are squishy!

  • Here at Sparkfun, we try to reuse and recycle everything! This large item from our parts bin will be used to upgrade a 4 head VCR player into a world's-first FIVE head VCR! Behold the brilliance....

  • You said you are having trouble linking the OSC file to Processing. Do you have the app on your phone running your layout properly? If so, then the only challenge is to enter the IP address of your computer and make sure the phone can talk to it. Are you to the point I have described?

  • I recently bought this nifty set of outlet remotes from Amazon.
    I need to control the outlets with an RF transmitter like this one. The remote outlets have a "learn" function so I'm wondering if I can get this and make up a random code and make the outlet relays learn it. Does anyone have a suggestion? BTW, I do not have access to the remotes that originally came with the set, so I'll need to use a transmitter like this. Thanks!

  • Dude! This new Twister Extreme game is awesome! Left foot 8" rubber belts!

  • Try and use a stable release of Processing. 1.5.x should work. Other than that, just Bing it :)

  • Hey guys! I've worked with OSC and Processing quite a lot, so if you have a question, I might be able to help you. Be specific please :)

  • Ok, someone make sense of all this for me. I just want to switch small loads on regular 110V household electric. I'm thinking stuff like a lamp, ceiling light, small electrics, etc. I don't have experience with mains stuff yet, but I have to start somewhere. I've seen the PSTII but frankly it's too much $$ to drop on a single relay. Can someone tell me if this is ok to plug and play? I really want to use these with my arduino, but the comments always scare me away.

  • This was a bright idea guys, but I hope you don't take this situation lightly.

    I don't know watt you are talking about! This is a great plan, and I find you skepticism revolting. Just socket up and let's get this thing going already! I'm so amped!

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