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  • PURUSUU URUTORAAAA ( tried for the katakana, but it wouldn't render properly :/ )

  • Neat stuff. not to nitpick, but it's an important distinction to make I think: The afterimage from a flash is a negative afterimage, as described in this post, and such an afterimage doesn't contribute to the POV effect, but may work against it.

  • Coders who work in the industry for a while probably bear the scars of ill conceived architecture, language and practice, have probably accepted blame, lost sleep, sanity and all but the tiniest shred of hope for software projects that were doomed. They have bought into bullshit like Object Oriented Programming ( allow me this one specific example ) and trusted piers, superiors, and the community at large to have their hearts broken by yet another death march. People argue about code because they care, both from a genuine love of the art as well as a primal instinct to avoid bad design choices which will inevitably come down on them. There are a lot of people putting their times and energies into figuring out problems that shouldn't be difficult, often fighting the very tools that promised to make things more reasonable. And when we do find a technology that is easy to reason about, and flexible and good not just because the college textbooks say so, then we want to shout it from the rooftops, we want to baptize our hapless helpless peers in the fire of new knowledge, proselytizing a new iconoclastic movement against the old, broken, and corrupt - because not only have we found new hope but a renewed sense of order and beauty, a clearer understanding of everything, because if we seek to model, mold and shape reality with the clever employment of our languages than what are we besides poets and philosophers and mages; and if our languages fail us what are we besides frauds.

    so yeah, it gets to feel like a big deal sometimes.

  • SV start-ups are like other forms of prospecting that can only be sustained with massive amounts of money. If you use enough money you can make most any idea look good to other people who in turn put more money into the system. The question of actual, sustainable value seems silly when your goal is to leverage and de-leverage money ahead of the curve and leave with your margins in tact. Some good companies come out of the process, but mostly I think currency gets devalued and we continue to pervert the ideas of profit and industry till we actually believe that VC funded start-ups are a defining feature of capitalism. I like sparkfun's approach better :)

  • When 0100 is entered where does the 0x40 come from? The tutorial says it responds with the mode

    The first response byte (in this case 0x41) lists the mode that was requested in the command. Thus the board sends 0x40 + 0x01

    but I don't understand the 0x40 bit - is it just the arbitrary value of the response?

  • First off, awesome project and beautiful freakin' drums.

    One critique that goes for a lot of these SF projects - I feel like you guys often use too many parts, which is frustrating from the consumer side, especially for those of us with limited hobby budgets. I would like to see a build where the lights and on/off bit are covered by the pi - and the needed software modifications to do that might be more worthwhile from a learning standpoint.

    To counter my own point however, SFE is a store for shortcuts, so maybe using a board for each thing you want to do is more in spirit with that.

  • feels a little too clash-of-clans for my tastes.

  • It may just come down to the feeling of buying a complete product.

    SFE is in the business of selling shortcuts, so all these little breakout boards should just sort of come with at least some cheap male headers in the bag, by default, as a no-brainer for us 1:00 AM engineers who probably forgot them the last time we allowed ourselves an order.

    It's not that we are entitled to header pins, it just makes the product feel more satisfying, like those nice red boxes, which I was disappointed to see missing from my last order (no biggie). It doesn't take a lot to make something feel more premium, even if it's all in our little consumerist heads.

  • Yes, just include the damn headers, not all of us have bins of headers lying around.

    Make it a zero (or low) cost option to throw in headers of either orientation and just throw in the nearest multiple of 20 if that causes too many supply chain issues.

    As to pre-soldered headers, I think they are bought under the reasonable assumption that SFE is really good at soldering them straight. I can solder fine, but I hate even slightly crooked albeit functional headers.

    As others have said, also having the option to just add soldered headers of various shape/length/orientation would be also worth a few bucks to me.

  • Out if curiosity what does your web stack consist of, and how optimized is it for scaling?