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  • That’s simply untrue, and making the comparison just promotes stupidity.

    At least compare it with a product of the same scale, like say the printrbot metal, which has a 10x10x10" build volume. The shapeoko here has a build envelope of 16x16x3" which is larger than that on two axiis. So how much is the Printrbot metal? Over $1000, and it doesn’t have to deal with the unpredictable sudden changes in load that a router would have to.

  • This appears to have a response time of 8 seconds, but a read delay of 320ms at full resolution, so I am guessing response time is the lag between actual temperature change and measured temperature change, but update polling can be about 3 times a second.

  • aloud is a word, so no, in this case spellcheck is a jerk.

  • This stand in will have to suffice, as the lens we ordered for the 26 foot zapper is on backorder.

  • this is underrated

  • Man, what is up with that last LED, might as well name it moon moon.

  • The platform. The dumb misaligned rows, and the layout everyone knows. The Atmega 328, onboard 5 and 3.3v regulator that requires a 7+ v power supply. The IDE used to program the thing and a bunch of libraries scatted about my favorite sites.

    To me buying a RedBoard is buying an Arduino, and that’s probably what I will continue to do, leaving the complexities to people I trust.

    I really don’t care that some other company manufactures the official ones; I only care about the contributions such a company may have made to the platform and community.

    The cool thing is, the platform is open source hardware, and community held knowledge. Its durability is a huge validation for the concept of OSH.

  • What about the physical orientation of these motors makes them more apt to track? Is there a prescribed encoder set-up?

    Edit: The complete kits sold here (and mentioned in the product video) include encoders with magnets and hall effect sensors that mount to the gearbox bodies, but they seem specially designed for each other, so I would skip these and go with the kit if I was looking to use encoders.

  • This was my thought on the issue of accumulated error.

    I have heard that the the resistors don’t actually distribute over a Gaussian / Normal / Bell shaped distribution however; instead they look like a bell with a notch removed from the center - that notch being the higher precision resistors removed from the batch. This would not weaken your case however, and may actually strengthen it.

  • Thanks for clearing that up.

    I (as a web developer, and someone who has done a fair bit of user research) agree that it’s a difficult problem with potential impacts on the checkout process.

    Amazon does transparent packing optimization, but now that I think of it, that does not seem to affect the cost.

    Anyway it’s good to get a nice reason why, its easy to forget that features have to be implemented even when it’s what I do.