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  • Is there an easy to understand schematic out there for a beginner to understand? So far I have an Arduino UNO, this PIR sensor, a small breadboard, some 10k resistors and jumper wires. I am trying to get an led on pin 13 to come on and stay on until the motion leaves the range of the PIR. So far I have the positive of a 9v battery hooked to the positive of the sensor and the negative of the battery to the negative of the sensor. I have the alarm wire from the sensor hooked to a 10k resistor and then to digitalPin 9 on the UNO. When i checked voltage from between resistor and UNO i had 1-2 volts so i used a couple 330 ohm resistors to get the voltage up to 5 so it would show high on the UNO. My problem is that i cant seem to get the led to come on when motion is detected and go off when it detects nothing. In fact it does just the opposite. Is there something messed up in the code? Ill post the code soon for yall to see. Thanks!