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  • Well, I'm guessing this is often supplied on 5M rolls like all the other LED flex strips. Some people would probably go for 5M rolls. Like I say, somebody might have a 2.5M LED wall and that'd be joining two 1M pieces and cutting/joining half of another if it only came in 1M. So, the bigger, the better.

  • When you reorder this stuff, PLEASE offer a continuous-length option. i.e. I order 3M, I get a 3M length cut off the roll. The terminations will be my problem to scrape off the waterproofing enough to solder to the ends.
    This is essential for 2 reasons. One, if you're actually doing something requiring waterproofing and a length over 1M, it's exposing an intersection which can be contaminated with water. Two, this stuff is expensive and maybe someone (like me) needs 2ft lengths for a project. I'm either gonna have to throw away 1 ft lengths or make half the products out of two "joined" 1-ft cutoff pieces which won't flex the same way and is more failure-prone.
    And the termination is surely increasing the cost, too.

  • If you really want to get into this, it's not hard to build such a meter with a microcontroller. Lots of projects out there like this. You've got the controller's ground on AC neutral, a low-side current shunt resistor and a voltage divider for the voltage. Just need 2 ADC inputs reading several times per cycle. You'll need to pull some tricks for powering it because no common 5v reg has a 200V absolute max input. Like I say, there's projects out there for this.
    Be aware that with the controller's ground at AC neutral it is UNSAFE to use these signals to interface with anything outside the box. You will need optical isolation.

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