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  • I’m in the same boat as Member255972 –> Trying to select shipping gives me an error about my address (one I have been using for years).
    Someone from support told me it’s a known issue, so rather than site updates how about basic functionality?

  • The logomatic data logger product appears to work well even under conditions the manual warns against:
    I needed this unit to log data in a 115,200 baud application, and wanted to convince myself the data would make it through in good shape, due to the warning in the manual about running at 115,200 without pauses.
    To test, I streamed a large (2MB) file over to the card using a program called ‘realterm’ and compared the resulting log file with the sent original - perfect matches during both runs at 2MB, and 1 run at 500kB.
    Since this may be partially dependent on the type of card used, i was using a ‘kingston platinum 256MB’ SD card.
    Personally, I reccomend this product for data logging, just reccomend you do a quick test to ensure that your SD card can keep up with it :)

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