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  • I would like to know if the bootloader can be modified to not flash built-in LED (pin #5) upon booting up. Thanks

  • I would like to hook up a midi keyboard, but it has more than 16 keys, so how could I play more than sixteen notes of a single instrument? Does this support looping of sounds as in the case of holding down a key? Also, what's a good source to download instrument samples? Thanks

  • Where can I hear samples of the various musical instruments that outputs from this device? I am particularly interested in the saxophone sounds. I've searched and searched, but can't find examples of the sounds.

  • so... this thing is as, or more, powerful than my old 486/Pentium motherboard?

  • could this fan be used as a wind generator to power an Arduino pro mini and a standard servo using the wind of a leaf blower?

  • Need HELP!!! Please!!! I am using a TMP36 sensor in my truck with an embedded Atmega328 chip and lcd display. Everything worked fine when I breadboard the circuit with an Arduino Uno. Once I made a prototype board and hooked it up to my truck, powered by a USB car charger, the temp readings fluctuate anywhere from -55F to over 90F. I do have a 220uF capacitor across pos. and neg. rails on the prototype board. Thanks

  • If you are trying to remove the headers, just use a desoldering iron. Not expensive. Seems to work better than a solder sucker for unsoldering repeatedly.

  • How many piano keys can be used with this shield? I have a 37-key toy electric keyboard that I would like to hook-up to it.

  • Just wondering how easy this would be to integrate it with a toy piano. I guess, first select the mp3 file to play, but not yet play it until a piano key is pressed, however having the pitch of the playback sound change depending on which key was pressed to simulate different pitches or notes on the scale. I could pre-record various instruments and nature sounds or even my voice and play them back using a cheap toy piano. Thanks.

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