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  • Card reader worked great with Sparkfun Pro Micro 3.3V. For those looking to hook it up and get everything running, use any standard SD example in Arduino >=1.02 and wire as follows:

    Breakout - Pro Micro 3.3
    CD - NC
    DO - D14
    GND - GND
    SCK - D15
    VCC - VCC
    DI - D16
    CS - D10

    And finally make sure you set: const int chipSelect = 10;

  • I just got this board, followed the "Getting Started Guide" on Win7x64 and it worked like a champ. I was looking over the board and schematic and I wanted to know what J1 is for? It's not on the schematic. The connector is similar to the one in the photo but swapped position with the small SparkFun logo above the micro USB connector.

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