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  • When you think about it, planning the layout of a circuit board is similar to planning the layout of a city. I like to think of people as electricity and the buildings as various components. To make your city efficient you group related buildings and features close together just as you would group related components together. For example, you would want a lumber mill close to a source of trees and factories that use that lumber close to the lumber mill. You also need wider roads to allow access busier sections of your city. This is similar to using wider traces to allow for higher amperage. A wider road is more reliable when a part of the road are blocked or destroyed but is not always possible to have wide roads especially in crowed parts of a city. I could go on with various analogies but I feel that comparing circuits to city layouts gives you a very easy to visualize and relatable comparison. Plus it is a very Tron way of looking at electrical concepts!

  • I noticed on Spectra's site that they can create membrane switches with these boards so why not create a flexible and modular keypad interface. One module could connect to the next using shift registers over spi or i2c and it could be used to create custom computer keyboards, midi controllers, remotes, etc. and could be used on irregular surfaces or be rolled up for storage. The buttons could even be made to be back-lit with EL or fiber optic panels like shown on their site here for visibility at night.

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