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  • Impedance has in it a Resistance component .. but they are Two Different, but yet related things in the measurement world. A multimeter only measures resistance (via a DC voltage).

    for a simple discussion on it see: http://www.bcae1.com/resvsimp.htm

  • Has anyone connected this to a Bluetooth Receiver? We would like to have a std. earpiece (ie like for cell phones) as the audio source/receiver for this board.

  • In simple words:

    • Something to note First and Read is the Wiki... the device is designed for experimentation and designing radio systems. NOT for transmitting long distances. i.e. it is a low power unit.

    • Always be sure you don't stomp on any other Tx/Rx systems nearby.

    • Yes, you should be licensed properly.. IF required. It is a development and test type unit, read the FCC (or governing organization in your country) rules for this type of equipment on the frequencies you are intending to be working in, and abide by them.

    • IF you need to work in a frequency range that is problematic for testing.. USE a properly constructed Faraday Cage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faraday_cage

  • Next time, just do a little dance and steal the shot LOL.

  • Would be WAY cool if you could find a source for Slip Rings that had 3 large gauge and 4 or 6 small gauge in one package. Power to the Articulated and Data at the same time... PS.. screw the cost.. it would be worth it (just kidding.. yeah.. inexpensive LOW rev speed units please)

  • GREATLY appreciate that you are carrying the silicone wire in long lengths ! ! ! I'm not fond of having to splice 3 meter lengths of it to get to what I needed. I'll be ripping out the old wire (from Another vendor) and going with yours. I tend to build big....

    Now if we could just see long lengths of the smaller gauge in more than just Red & Black.. those of us with articulated assemblies would be thankful.

  • It is getting totally out of hand with Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents in the US. But Hey if they can Trademark "yellow" ... I am sending off a filing to Trademark "rain" because why not.. I live in Seattle.. and it's just as vague a term here as yellow is. They call ANY precipitation Rain LOL. Sad... truly sad.

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