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  • Getting a 404 error on the assembly guide link.

  • I really wish there was more of a focus on home automation in the Kitchen. PID controls for the Stove/Oven. RFID tags for items in the fridge so that before an item expires you get a notification that contains recipes suggestion that would use that item. Flours jars that could dispense a chosen quantity of an item.

  • Is it possible to add flags to gcc from within the IDE? For example, if I wanted to add -Wall, can I do that?

  • Hopefully the weather is better this year. I remember last year it was cold and rainy.

  • What would be really awesome, considering you mentioned bluetooth, would be a more understandable library for the nRF8001. The Adafruit library is better than others, but it still uses the original code from Nordic. I would very much appreciate it if someone could rewrite that library so it would be more understandable (This is coming from a sophomore CS Major). Right now I am having trouble using another device with the nRF8001 because of SPI related issues switching between the devices.

  • I’ve done my part. Still trying to convince my sister to user her SIK that I bought her.

  • Can someone update the eagles files of this product on github so they match the files posted here?

  • Would this still work from A1 to B1 if VccA was left disconnected? Assuming eveything else is hooked up fine .

  • What about combining electronics and food together. An example would be an Arduino based coffee machine. Another example would be an oven control that would have profiles that could be downloaded from the internet that are similar to a solder reflow profile. The oven could start baking a pizza really hot, but then cool down once the cheese has melted.

  • When I first saw this I was like what is a logo-matic (shows company logo?). Then I realized log-o-matic. I feel dumb.