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  • Well I connected it to an arduino, and the output is very noisy, it's changing for 1% RH or 2% RH even after averaging 5 readings. is the sensor faulty?

  • How could this be used with a raspberry pi?

  • Ok, found the error: line 84 should be: x2=$(echo "scale=4; ($b1*($b6^2)/2^12)/2^16" | bc) I forgot to divide with 2^16.

  • I'm having the same problem as hazmat - temperature reading is ok, pressure reading is too low (about 24 kPa).

    my (bash) code: http://pastebin.com/H0XexiTY

    output: ut=0x6e2a ut=28202 x1=6982.2070 x2=-2409.2948 b5=4572.9122 t=286.3070 temp=28.6307 ------------------------------------- up=0xacd3e0 up=11326432 up=353951.0000 b6=572.9122 x1=2.1520 x2=-297.6457 x3=-295.4937 b3=80293.0126 x1=-1019.2410 x2=440576.0942 x3=109889.7133 b4=148778.8297 b7=1710362421.2500 p=22992.0133 x1=8066.2851 x1=373.9223 x2=-2581.0583 p=23091.0048

  • How do I read sensor data in linux?

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