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  • @CF - you are entirely correct! I don't know which Eagles I looked at, when I posted this! But if you leave it floating, the datasheet says it is "undefined", what does this mean? That you can't be certain which I2C address it has? Or it simply does not have one at all?

  • Hi,

    Why is SDO left floating, if you use I2C only? If you look at page 31 of the BME280 datasheet, it says:

    The last bit is changeable by SDO value and can be changed during operation. Connecting SDO to GND results in slave address 1110110 (0x76); connection it to VDDIO results in slave address 1110111 (0x77), which is the same as BMP280’s I²C address. The SDO pin cannot be left floating; if left floating, the I²C address will be undefined.

    It specifically says that it should not be left floating, but either connected to GND (0x76) or Vddio (0x77)

    Any explanations for this choice?

  • I just love how easy it is to control stepper motors with this driver and a Arduino. using the goHome function and getPos really helps. However, it's worth noting that the AutoDriver library is configured for Arduino Uno and other Arduino boards that uses SPI on pin 10, 11 and so on. When using a Arduino Mega, you can go to AutoDriver.cpp and change the hardcoded pins in the SPI config function to 50 (MISO), 51 (MOSI), 52 (SCK), 53 (SS).

  • but couldn't it be possible to daisy-chain the autodrivers, requiring only one SS pin? But thanks for the pointers! However, we're only using twelve stepper motors - so I hope we can do it with a Arduino Yún (if it's possible to daisy-chain)

  • Quick question (I hope). Is it possible to connect 12 of these, each with a 2A (NEMA 23 size) stepper onto a single Arduino board? E.g. Arduino Mega, since I guess you need one select pin pr. autodriver board (12 pins excl. the SPI ones)? and a +24Amp power supply running it?

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