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  • I am very skeptical of this resistance value, mostly because right above it it says the voltage is 220ACV. I bet the actual resistance is much lower.
    Perhaps someone at Sparkfun could slap an ohm-meter on it and let us know?

  • I was confused too when I saw the picture. In the image it appears to be a 2X7 female connector, however the sockets on both sides are plugged up leaving only 5X2 sockets available. I tested it out and it fits just fine in 5X2 shrowded headers.

  • Before purchasing this part you need to know if you have a condition called UART dyslexia. This is a neurological disorder that will render you incapable of properly wireing this device no matter how my times you triple check the the wiring. I have this disorder and I have only found three possible solutions:
    1) Find someone else without UART dyslexia to wire it up for you
    2) When you get the board, immediatly scratch out the silk screen for the TX and RX pins. You will have a better chance attaching the wires at random than attemping to determine the proper connections in your screwed up head. Test the device and if it doesn't work swap the lines. The advantage of this approach is that you didn't spend hours trying to figure out the wrong way to wire the connections.
    3) Try to figure out the proper connections and do the opposite of what you think is correct. I have had some success with this approach.

  • If someone buys this please let me know if it levitates like in the photo.

  • I agree with jepler. I would have been nice to know what the 28-pin IC is. If it is the Allegro A3941 then it will have up to 14 mA quiesent current draw.

  • I want that 2x3 shrowded header!!!! I have looked everywhere for that guy and untill now I assumed it didn't exist.
    I also want to by the cable with the two 6 pin connectors.

  • Here is a tip: When you communicate with the sensor over SPI you have to kind of baby it. The datasheet is not helpful in providing the appropriate timing either. You can't just bombard it with data and expect it to respond. You have to send one byte at a time spaced by delays. Also if you ask it to send data back, you have to wait about 50ms before you try get a reponse. Once I get it working well I will try to remember to post the exact timing I come up with.

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