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  • Additional information for this problem. Following are the # in the registers after initialization: (all look correct) Si4703
    Device_ID 0x1242 Chip_ID 0x1253 Pwr_Config 0xE001 Channel 0x003C Sys.1 0x0000 Sys2 0x0008 Sys3 0x0000 Test1 0xBC04 Test2 0x0000 Boot_Config 0x0004 Status_SSI 0x000C Read_Channel 0x003C

    STC 0 XOSCEN 1 DeMute 1 Si_Enable 1 Tune 0 Freq 995 Current-Freq 995 Volume 8 Current _Vol 8 Current_SSI 12

    Current_SSI seems low but I should still hear something other than noise.

  • Any luck solving this problem. I have the same thing. I'm getting about 8-12 SSI-ish. All registers have correct hex # in them, but all I get is a white noise on the speaker. I also played around with the configuration but with no results.

    Any one make this thing work? If so, what did you use for an antenna?

    Thanks, rm

  • To Member 552599: Did you find an solution to the problem. I have the same sympton. My ssi reading are between 8 to 12. All registers indicate correct hex # but all I get is a steady hiss from Lout & Rout.

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