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  • Is there a command to reset the module to the same state as I received it from Sparkfun?

  • I see a reference to AT command set, but I cannot find any documentation with actual “AT' commands. I see other commands when using the $$$ sequence. What’s up?

  • Weird Problem. I am using a wireless RS-232 replacement at 115,200 baud. Works great, no issues, but if I send an ASCII “2” the connection breaks down. Have to re-start, re-boot, re-connect, whatever. Is this a design feature on purpose? I used the SF,1 factory default and the issue is not there now. ??

  • A quick power supply question. I am adding this to an embedded design that is powered by 3.3V. This Blue SMiRF Gold board states that it will work at 3.3V but the SMiRF board schematic has a 3.3V LDO regulator on board. Correct me but a 3.3V source voltage may not be able to power this device since it would require a higher voltage than 3.3V to drive the on board LDO. What am I missing here? Trying to release a board layout now and need some advice or help, thanks.

  • So I bought this for the $59.95 and it does work. However the documentation is missing some important basic information. My question is: When beep is detected, what is the serial data rate and the data pattern coming out of the serial port TX for each of the 16 beep channels? Also, the serial port has a RX pin, can this be used for anything?

  • Need help: Having problem with receiver sensitivity - I programmed this device to 103.5 MHz and am running an RF Signal Generator at 0dB, 1kHz tone, 50kHz deviation within 2 feet of the headphones/antenna. The signal is barely getting through but I can faintly hear the 1 kHz tone. Anyone elese have this problem and did you solve it? I may not have a bit flipped properly in the registers. New to this IC, otherwise it responds as predicted.

  • I too need longer operating range, but I only need 4 to 6 inches. The range I am getting now is about 1 inch.

  • What is the usable operating range of this device?

  • Dave, where can I find this article now, 2/19/13?

  • DO you have this rev posted, would like to see it. Ron

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