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  • Hi Nathan, Your personality and passion have definitely been the "Fuel" to the original "Spark" ...and I am so happy to hear that you are still having "Fun". You have such an interesting group of people in your organization, it is hard not to smile when I see a new SparkFun email arrive. We are all geeks at heart and it is nice to share our successes...and some of the stumbling we did along the way. I just purchased another Si4703, level shifter and pro mini this week... I made an in wall controller that worked so well controlling my audio system remotely that i am building another one. The added FM Favorites selection in code is a big hit with my wife. Score! I can buy and make more stuff when a project receives the "Life Partner seal of approval". Let me know if you want to check it out, it is unique. All the best to SparkFun and SparkX ...keep doing what you enjoy and keep doing it to the best of your ability! Respectfully, Bob Durk

  • Hi RFGNerd, I echo that sentiment! They will likely have to pry the soldering iron out of my hand when the day comes. Until then I will continue to enjoy all aspects of electronics. I may never design anything cutting edge, but my friends say i should have been an engineer. Bob D

  • This is Gold ! I have always felt that organised work areas are critical to efficiency and sanity. I LOVE to build and create ( and mostly learn! ) . I spent more than 25 years with a small bench in the Laundry room.This was the same in the 3 homes that I have lived in all my married life. Many times I was using the washer , dryer and chest freezer as work surfaces . It was time to get serious about doing what I enjoy so much! This past year I have moved my " Lab " into a spare bedroom in the basement that is no longer required. I tend to think in an abstract fashion , so I know what I want to achieve in the end it is all about building one section at a time. Bench surface was critical ...and I picked up a nice kitchen cabinet set with an " L shaped " countertop . Now I am working on other areas of the lab , namely a cutting / drilling ( messy area ) that will include built in shop vac to keep it tidy. I will be looking forward to the next installment of this and I will also be re-organising my too chests ! Love Adam's ILM tool chest build ! I always envisioned this approach I need to realize the benefits of taking the time to make it a reality. Build_it_Bob

  • This code looks very nice ( much of it is over my head though ) , thank you for sharing it with us ! Build_it_Bob

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