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  • I got this working with the Mega 2560 just now. I jumpered the GPS shield pin 2 (TX pin of GPS chip) to Pin 19 on the Mega 2560 (RX1), and updated the program to use the built-in Serial1 instead of soft pins defined by SoftwareSerial.

    Eg I initialise it using “Serial1.begin(GPSBAUD);” check the status with Serial1.available() and so on. The modified code I used is here:

    Another way to achieve this, using SoftwareSerial is to connect the GPS shield pin2 to pin 10, and use pin 10 as the RXPIN. The sample code from Sparkfun works almost unchanged. You’d set RXPIN to 10, and you need to add the line “pinMode(RXPIN, INPUT);” to the setup() function.


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