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  • Indicated dimensions (224 x 126 x 110mm) are not right. I just got this guy and the dimensions of the case are 245mm d x 158mm w x 138mm h, not including the handle on the top (31mm ) (or the knobs, etc).

  • Weary of the traditional "do-rag", Bob introduces the "don't-rag".

  • The LilyPad, for all your T-Rextiles. Er, E-Textiles. Whatever.

  • This is similar to some of the other suggestions about interconnects, but I would like to see something very, very basic: what amounts to a ribbon cable, but with a row of exposed pads crossing the width of the "ribbon" every so often; the pads in a row would be spaced 0.1" apart, and there would a row every inch or two along the length or the ribbon. You could cut the ribbon to length (or to width). ALONG WITH the ribbon cable are ACCESSORIES: For prototyping, a simple clip, similar to a hair barrette - maybe even thin strips of rigid plastic pressed together using rare earth magnets - that can press the ribbon firmly onto a PCB to make a quick temporary connection with a row of exposed pads on the PCB; you could clip a couple of ribbons onto something like the Arduino ProMini and not have to solder on headers. If that's not sturdy enough, something like an IDC connector consisting of two PCB strips that you screw together to make a sandwich, with the ribbon in the middle; the PCB strips could have a surface-mounted header, a SOIC breakout, whatever. You could have a whole line of parts...

  • Apple releases photos of an early Siri prototype

  • Oh, wait - it says to attach the programmer to the "header", not to the "head"...

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