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  • How critical is the iron calibration/how often does one really need to do it? I was looking at Hakko tip thermometers, and they pretty durn expensive. thanks

  • More Circuit #3.ino questions Void showSpectrum() ... { showRGB(x); // Call RGBspectrum() with our new x ... Is that really calling RGBspectrum, where is it?

    Also you have comments about mainColors() and showSpectrum() sandwiched between them in void loop(). A bit confusing.

  • Circuit #3.ino

    // This variable controls how fast we loop through the colors. // (Try changing this to make the fading faster or slower.)

    int DISPLAY_TIME = 100; // In milliseconds

    What is this, and where is it used? The only time that I see it in the sketch is what i pasted above. As best as I can tell, it gets typed and then forgotten about.


  • I'm just curious, what sort of education/training does one need to make use of a tool like this? Thanks

  • Once one sticks this board onto the holder, can one safely get it off? I would like to flip it around.

  • Alas, I can't see the black lettering. Perhaps White would be nice.

  • Gad, I really do not like the red breadboard. Perhaps I'm too old, but I can't see the black ink. I wish that they had a white one like the one in the book. Because I could not see the board layout, I put the board in upside down, with regard to the way that I installed the Arduino on the holder, i.e. to match the pictures in the book. Now I am worried about trying to remove the board; I tried to pry with a small screwdriver, but the board did some strange flexing, so I stopped.

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