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  • For the last time, I have no idea why everything in this room suddenly shrunk except for this one soldering iron, and there is nothing I can do about it. For the love of God, can we just move on, folks?

    Now class, we need to heat the joint...

  • Woo Hoo! Cox Box Cases!!
    Oh man, that brought back memories. I rowed for 4 years of High School and another year at university. Man, were those good times. Rigging wrenches around my neck, sleeping on gym floors with 400 other rowers, up at the butt-crack of dawn. Man, I miss those times.
    --Funny side note, we had a old, broken cox-box that we gutted and filled with pennies that we used to use for our coxswain weigh-in. 90lbs girl, holding 10lbs of cox-box always made weight.
    Good times --Thanks, SparkFun

  • Gift Horse ---> Mouth.

  • Thank you, SparkFun.
    Show me any other company in the world who would do something like this. Good karma. I am quite happy with my $20 loyalty, thanks.

  • @Member 193517
    --That's sorta not cool. You are complaining that the servers didn't keep up? Yeah, it sure sucks when people try to give you free stuff, huh? If they hanged you, you would bitch that the rope was itchy.

  • @Nike --I can dig what you are puttin' down here but there is nothing to worry about. After this kid put down the iron, he probably spent 2 hours in a cardboard box or making blocks out of my scrap pile.

  • WooHoo! That's my Boy!!!
    You know, some fathers are stoked when their kid throws a touchdown pass, or runs the 100m in whatever time...
    My kid made the SparkFun front page. Beat that!
    Thanks, SF --Charlie is going to be so excited.
    (I should add that CharlieMac is Charles MacGyver --Yup, my wife let me name him MacGyver)

  • WARNING! WARNING WILL ROBINSON! Think twice about buying the series 2 modules. I have no idea why this is not posted anywhere but in a nutshell, these are a royal PITA to get configured. If it weren't for timo posting his link here, I would have never gotten these guys working. They are simply not friendly to 2-way communication. From everything I have read, the series 1 and the pro's are out-of-the-box good to go, and the 2.5's... Not so much.

  • Wow, what a great item. And accurate? This thing is so precise, I even found Jesus! --He's 1st, you know.

  • Nope.
    Bush's "Tribal Sovereignty" will always be the best. Not to mention... Lest we forget our man, the late, great, Mr. Tubes himself, Ted Stevens.
    BTW -- You are where you are and will continue to flourish and grow because you take care of us. I have yet to have an order take more than 3 days, period. You guys give a damn about your company and your World and it shows. So many giant evil corporations... This is what a company looks like when run by Hippies and Geeks --and this is a good thing.
    Godspeed and Namaste.

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