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  • From the CMD prompt you can use show rssi. If you are using the UDP or TCP output using set opt format 0xff you can get the value from the url.rssi parameter.

    The issue I had was that the output is in Two's Complement (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twos_Compliment). You will need to write code to translate it into readable rssi value.If you are not sure how to do that just search Google for the code you are writing in.

    Hope that helps.

  • I ordered 15 of these for a project I am working on and came across an issue. I have been through all teh docs but cannot seem to make it out. I am reading the sensor values with set q sensor 0x4 to read sense02. I also have it set for wake using set sys trigger 0x4. When my hardware sensor activates I have it take sense02 to GND. This wakes the device and it works as desired except for one issue. When my hardware sensor is not active the reading output says it is about 1V (4004 or 41FA etc).

    On some of the devices I get a reading that is close to 0 (0002) for example when I apply the GND. On other devices it goes the other way (FF63) or something close to that. Ones that were reading high I did a factory RESET and reprogrammed the device and it corrected on others it did not. Any idea why the disparity? I have been scratching my head for 3 weeks!

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