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Country: Italy

  • hello, can anyone please tell me the differences between AT42QT1010 (used here) and AT42QT1011 and AT42QT1012? they are all 1 channel digital output sensor.

  • I investigated a bit and noticed that the 3.3V on board regulator is actually outputting 4.2V instead of 3.3V! what could be the reason??

  • hello, my shield is not working anymore and the MAX3421E chip gets really hot.. what could be the reason?

  • about custom declarations (for EU orders), will you declare the sale price or the normal price on the package?

  • hello..some questions about the envelope follower: what parts can be changed (if one have SMT soldering skills) in order to exploit the whole 5V/0V range if another source is used instead of the microphone (line audio, guitar, etc)? And in this case, we would need a over voltage protection to not exceed 5V? And what parts determine attack and decay times of the envelope?

  • thank you, so those sliders are not the same you sell separately on this page: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9119

  • hello, do you sell that kind of foam that can be seen on those sliders? if I buy the sliders and not the whole kit, I get that foam?

  • hello, on the Application Notes I noticed that the pads can be arranged as a 5x7 matrix, so you can get 35 inputs only using 1 chip. Is that true, and if yes, how can this be accomplished? many thanks Dimitri

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