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Member Since: April 27, 2008

Country: United States


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VB/.net, C, VC#, Python, Assembly, PHP, JS, HTML




The University of Toledo '10


Thin-film photovoltaics


Electronics development, programming, computers/IT, web development, renewable energy, electric vehicles, automotive diagnostics, electric and nitro powered R/C cars, flying (fixed wing and heli), anything outdoors, sport shooting, paintball, recreational off-roading (4x4 Jeep, dirtbike, ATV), fishing, camping

  • The Sparkfun engineering department bench testing their new dual brain Cyborg Programming Unit.

  • ^^^^^ and here come the bots! I guess Skynet was having some slow server issues before the product post went up.

  • The "ROMP" is just a Traxxas E-maxx with a fancy aluminum plate drilled to mount to the factory body posts.
    I'm surprised he's been able to suspend eight pounds on the plastic posts like that. For an extra $50 he could have upgraded to aluminum body posts. This could be done for $600 easy.

  • One design flaw I've come across with this board; when powering it from the header interface I have to add an additional 30+ degrees correction factor in addition to my local declination to get it oriented to true north. I think I have discovered the source of this offset. Near the magnetometer (between the comm header and SPI programming connections) there is a power trace. I did notice that there is a grounded plane on either side of it. However, unless there is an equal and opposite current flowing parallel to this power trace there would be a magnetic field setup in a plane orthagonal to this power trace. Others thoughts on this subject are welcome!

  • 2 hours of F'bomb5 got me two wrong questions (oops) and a completed quiz...don't get me wrong, I wanted to give up around hour 1.8 but then the digital God's smiled down upon me and let my bits flow through to the cloud :D

  • Aside from all the sour sally's, this was my first free day and this was definitely a truly unique experience. I look forward to participating in SFE F'bomb5 2012.

  • Back to work and actually earning $76 from working instead of pushing F5 like a mad-man

  • WHEW! THAT was intense...sparkfun, that was awesome, now go check the IT department and open a window for them...I'm sure it's like a sauna in there =)

  • Somebody hit the turbo button on those servers...

  • 15 minutes to go and I've got an 8s load time just on the documents for Sparkfun.com

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