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Anne CU

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  • It's interesting to read your opinion on the engineer's curse. From an engineer's point of view it's very recognizable. During the creation process, there's always the increasing insight that the product would be better with certain changes, which may need discarding a lot of finished work. The perfection-time curve is not linear, if it takes a month to design a working product, it will take two months to make a pretty good product, and a perfect product might take forever. Apart from that, many engineers tend to work on the challenging part, ignoring the obvious details until it needs finishing (and then discovering there are still some non-trivial parts). Although deadlines are no fun, not seeing your creating coming to life is even worse. Good advice!

  • The step has not crashed yet.

  • Ok, thanks. The IGES file looks great, but SolidWorks crashed after moving around some components.. The .stl model loads really fast, and seems stable. The holes are noticeable polygons and the reset button has a diamond shape, but for making a housing this may be good enough. Is there a way to increase the resolution?

    From my experience, in industry, the .stp are most popular (CNC machining, 3D models) because they are versatile and accurate. But from this small test, it seems now that .stl is more versatile, albeit less accurate. I think I could live with that. But.. wouldn't it be nice to have different formats?

  • I have no problem opening the .stp file in SolidWorks 2013. The components are all there, neatly arranged in an assembly. Only the nice color is gone and the whole board is grey.. ;) The .igs file is only 22 bytes, I did something wrong trying to download it from github ,let me try that again.

  • Just for clarity, step files is NOT the SolidWorks native format. I am suggesting this because it is so interchangeable between different platforms. But I am not familiar with Sketchup or popular 3D printing applications. Anyone experience with converting .stl?

  • Great idea! I'm using SolidWorks but I think that step files would be versatile enough to port between different platforms.

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