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  • Hi guys, Im trying to capture of fingerprint image with the command CaptureFinger but this command return me a Non-ack exctaly the nack parameter that mean NACK_DEV_ERR Value: 0x100F, in th description of the parameter say: “Device Error, especially if Crypto-Chip is trouble”.

    What I can do? What means this? Help somebody!!!

  • Hey, I found this code about this sensor… I’ll put it here as aid:


    //Fingerprint Scanner TTL demo code to show how to cmdOpen and show device id and serial number // Note: all multi byte data is little endian!


    SoftwareSerial Scanner(11, 12); // RX as pin 11

    int f; byte ResponseData[38];

    void setup() { Scanner.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); }

    void loop() { // cmdOpen with response data packet Scanner.write((byte)0x55); Scanner.write((byte)0xAA); Scanner.write((byte)0x01); Scanner.write((byte)0x00); Scanner.write((byte)0x01); Scanner.write((byte)0x00); Scanner.write((byte)0x00); Scanner.write((byte)0x00); Scanner.write((byte)0x01); Scanner.write((byte)0x00); Scanner.write((byte)0x02); // pre-calculated checksum Scanner.write((byte)0x01); delay(100);

    if (Scanner.available() > 0 ) {

    for (f = 0; f < 38; f++) { ResponseData[f] =,HEX; } }

    Serial.print(“FirmwareVersion: ”); for (f = 16; f < 20; f++) { Serial.print(ResponseData[f],HEX); //FirmwareVersion } Serial.println(); Serial.print(“DeviceSerialNumber: ”); for (f = 20; f < 36; f++) { Serial.print(ResponseData[f],HEX); //SerialNumber }




  • -.-‘’ yes it’s so dificult… I try to communicate with the sensor even i can’t. I don’t understand why? I’m using an arduino mega 2560 for serial communication and I saw and compare the adafruit library and… nothing. Any idea?

  • In this Video … What color in the cable is Rx and What is Tx? - at 1:04 min (Green or White)

  • Anyone has the datasheet of this sensor? I need make physical adjust because I don’t have the cable and I can’t waiting 2 weeks for that ( I’m not live in USA).

  • Hi! I bougth one this, but it didn’t come with a cable to connect it. Where can i find one of those? I saw that I can buy it in this page ( too but I wanna test my module immediately.

    Anyone know any way to make an adapter that looks like the cable or get cable without having to buy it. ?

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