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  • Product SEN-09587 | about a year ago

    Anyone have any recommendations for permanent mounting of these? I’m trying to get them to face away from the circuit board, but since they are mounted on 90 degree headers I can’t seem to get it quite right. I tried male 90 degree breakaway headers, but I’d need a female-to-femal .1" spacing set of connectors to get that to work.

    Any help? Anyone solved the mounting problem??


  • Product DEV-11665 | about a year ago

    These are great, but there is one problem: If you want to use it as a shield on top of an Ethernet shield, then the Ethernet jack gets in the way, so you have to cut out a chunk of this board with a dremel. It would be AWESOME if you could make one that could be used on top of an Ethernet shield!

  • Product BOB-08276 | about a year ago

    Love these things! Thanks Sparkfun! (Yes, I did ruin a few of the smaller 2mm sockets. But live and learn: 389654’s “3 second technique” is the way to go).

  • Product WRL-09954 | about a year ago

    I have a very detailed step-by-step tutorial for creating a remote wifi sensor with this board here: http://www.oneassetplace.com/pages/BuildWifiSensorArduino I hope it helps someone!

  • Product SEN-11610 | about a year ago

    Does anyone know the measurements of the three holes to be used for mounting this camera? The “standard” standoffs seem too large for the tight spacing of the components to these holes. In other words: What is the proper nylon spacer to order so that you can mount this board?

  • Product WRL-09954 | about a year ago

    I have posted a three-part blog series here that should help: http://www.cc-logic.com/blog/posts/physical-computing-part-1-of-3-getting-wifi-working Best of luck!

  • Tutorial - WiFly Wireless SpeakJet Server | about a year ago

    Thanks so much for posting that!!

  • Product PRT-09279 | about a year ago

    Ohhh so sad :-( I can haz 8-pinz pleaze?

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