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  • Thanks CowboyBob for answer.

    Nothing To do! even if I set JN=0 and i lower the IR paramater as you suggested, nothing changes! So I decided to try a pin Hibernate configuration (SM=1) but still I receive random packets at coordinator with no reason not only when DTR goes low on the End device . What I’m missing ? Does anyone tested the pin hibernate config on xbeeS2 before ? Why I get RF data not only when the end device wakes up from sleep? Is a problem with my settings ,firmware or hw . Please an help!

  • Dear Sparkfun, Hi bought 2 of these devices some months ago. I’m facing some problems with these device since I cant have them working. I think it’s not my problem since i read all datasheet and all “Building Wireless Sensor Networks” book to make my project. This is my problem and my configuration :

    End device API version 29A7: SM=5 (cycle sleep with pin wake ) , SP=7D0(20 sec),SN=3,SO=4 (extended sleep for SPxSN sec ,ST=1f4(500msec),IR=3e8(1sec since i want to send just 1 packet).

    Coordinator API version 21A7: SP=7d0(20sec) SN =3 .

    From what I expected, i have to receive in my coordinator (after the end device joins to the PAN) just one packet for SPxSN sec (1 min) but the problem is that I receive 6 packets every about 40 sec without any reason.

    I also changed SN=6 to extend to 2min the cycle sleep but nothing to do. It still sends 6 packets rather than 1. This is strange behaviour and I dont understand what happens at all in the end device.

    I think that i’m not wrong in setting AT parameters to both devices since as I mentioned I studied everithings (datasheet, books) about them. Any help will be appreciated .

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