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  • I think I have worked out each relay takes the 5v @ 1amp. That seems huge. To power 14 of them, I dont know how I will do it.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Hi Mike, I have finally connected this all up nice and happy. The only problem is they are not happy.

    When I start turning them on, after 5, the LED turns on, but you do not hear the click of the Relay, then if I turn the first one off, the 6th relay then clicks on. Its like the Mega can only power 5 at a time.

    WHen there are none on, I check the 5v, and its reading 4.98v. When I have 5 on, its reading 3.8v, with it going down a little with each one. I have the Mega powered by USB and a 5v 2amp plug.

    Can you think of what I am doing wrong?


  • Does anyone have a ARduino sketch for this? ANd wiring diagram

  • Hello, I got 14 of these, and they are great. Recommend them 100%.

    I want to put something on the rear to protect from any sort of shock. Would something like a glue gun over specific pins on the rear do the job? If so, which pins are needed?

  • Does anyone know if this will be ok in Salt water for marine tank?

  • Hello, if I got 14 of these and a Arduino Mega, does anyone see any issues with this? I will also have other items attached to the mega, but from what I understand these Beefcakes do not draw much power from the Ardunio itself.

    Would it then use 14 analogue pins on the mega?

  • Mike, thanks for your help, they guys at Tech Support are sending a new one. By the way, that GPS viewer software is great, I had not touched it before, I will play more once the new one arrives. Not sure if my sketch was the best one for the job though, if anyone has a confirmed happy sketch, can they post it please?

  • Thanks Mike for your help. Thanks for the Direction tip. So I presume when its moving along it works a bit better? More like a average of the last second type thing? What does position pinning actually do? ANd how do I turn it on.

    Re ground, its grounded direct to the arduino, and I have 3.3v to the 3v or Arduino, and TX0 to Digital 10. I have also tried using the second ground also, and it didnt help. I do not know if its always dont this, as this is the first time I have really been using it. It does not matter if I power the Arduino from the USB or also add a AC Adapter (12v 2amp) to the barrel jack. I have also tried connecting up 3.3v direct to the GPS, and only connecting TX0 to Digital Pin10 (I also connected Ground on GPS to Ground on Arduino). And also powering it all off battery, and displaying the output on a LCD display. Nothing seems to make a difference.. Updates are erratic, or require me to put some pressure on the SMA connector.

    However, I have been watching it for longer, and it can sometimes update by itself. For Example: 60 seconds of the same readings, then 1 update, then 30 seconds of this new reading, then 3 updates, then 40 seconds of the same reading, then 10 updates, then 30 seconds of the same, then 1 update, etc, etc. Without touching it at all.

    This whole time the Red LED keeps flashing like it has a signal.

  • Hello, I have one of these about 6 months old. I am using the example tutorial from Simon Monk above. My GPS gets a fix, and the red lights flashes.

    My issue is that it seems as though I do not get regular updates without physically touching the unit itself. And when I say touching, I mean I have to actually be putting a little pressure onto the SMA connector, like it has a dodgey connection to the board or something like that. BUT the whole time, the unit itself still has a fix.

    I am not sure where to look for ideas? I have connected a set of header pins to the unit, and they are all ok.

    Example output here: Lat: 2733.0388S Lat: 2733.0388S Lat: 2733.0388S Lat: 2733.0388S Lat: 2733.0388S Lat: 2733.0388S Lat: 2733.0380S Lat: 2733.0376S Lat: 2733.0367S Lat: 2733.0369S Lat: 2733.0370S Lat: 2733.0375S Lat: 2733.0381S Lat: 2733.0389S Lat: 2733.0390S Lat: 2733.0391S Lat: 2733.0390S Lat: 2733.0393S Lat: 2733.0394S Lat: 2733.0394S Lat: 2733.0394S Lat: 2733.0394S Lat: 2733.0394S

    Also further to this, the Direction can report all over the place. Without any rotation, it can go from 17deg to 170deg to 317deg. Is this normal?

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