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  • dSPIN_ABS_POS: unsigned long ret_val = 0; unsigned long MSB = 0; ret_val |= dSPIN_Xfer((byte)(value)); ret_val = ret_val < < 16)); if(ret_val > 0) { MSB = ret_val; } ret_val = dSPIN_Xfer((byte)(value >> 8)) < < 8; ret_val |= dSPIN_Xfer((byte)(value)); if (ret_val > 0x0000FFFF) { ret_val = ret_val - 0xFFFF0000; } ret_val = ret_val + MSB; break;

    It returns an unsigned long with the correct value of the ABS_POS register… I’ve not tried with negative numbers, but for my application I don’t need it. If any one have another solution please tell us…

  • Hi, I’ve got some issues about reading the ABS_POS register from the L6470, with the Sparkfun Sketch… So finally I’ve modified it: In the dSPIN_Commands Tab… were de SWITCH Case of dSPIN_ABS_POS comand is I’ve erased all and put this code:

  • I have the same motor and the same driver and i’m running it with a 24V power supply… My config resgisters that work well without forcing the driver (without cooling it) are: - KVAL_HOLD = 0x25 - KVAL_RUN = 0x2C - KVAL_ACC = 0x2C - KVAL_DEC = 0x2C - INT_SPD = 0x20C5 - ST_SLP = 0x22 - FN_SLP_ACC = 0x20 - FN_SLP_DEC = 0x20

    My Amperimeter at the output of the power supply no raises 0,5A… I’ve put the motor without load, more than 5000step/s. But for my application 1000steps/s arte suficient.

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