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  • Does this need to be done on both Xbees? The Digi site explains that the process optimises the driver to work with the Xbees Com port, so it applies to an Xbee on a PC. But what about an Xbee attached to an Arduino? Michael

  • I opted to cut the trace on the board and everything works fine now, it was very easy. I will also have to do it on the shield though and the trace there is harder to identify. The Eagle file shows a single line running to the LED, however the board appears to have two traces, one going to and one from. I am not sure which to cut.

    When you say remove the resistor or the LED, how is that done? Michael

  • I have encountered a problem using the dongle with an XBee Pro S3B XCST. Digi.com tell me that the problem occurs because of a conflict between how different versions of their modems use pin 6. Since the dongle uses pin 6 as an indication of RSSI, the Xbee enters a diagnostic mode. This fully explained on their site (Knowledgebase item 3325). The solution is to cut the trace between the current limiting resistor and the led on the dongle board, the board will still function, simply less one led. I need to know which trace to cut please? Thanks michael

  • I am considering using this motor to drive the focuser on a telescope but I cannot find its torque quoted anywhere. The details only quote a value for the holding torque. thanks for any info. Mike

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