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Just started with electronic designing and holy crap - it’s amazing and fun! I can do so much cool things and be able to benefit others with great innovations!

  • I have a question and I was wondering why are there capacitors, i think resistors or a diodes not sure around the flex cable connector and the HC4050? I understand there’s a volt regulator - is it to regulate power for the power supply header pin? I’ve seen a you tube video where a person just soldered a flex cable connector and some header pints without the HC4050 - bunch of capacitors and resistors and the display worked fine. Thanks for response.

  • I created a Eagle Library File of the Magnevation SpeakJet and uploaded the file to EagleCadUSA. I’ll post the link once it’s ready, if anyone would like to add this to their project.

  • Can this device detect IR Light as well? There’s a project I’m working on which I would like to detect the intensity of the IR LEDs bouncing off a wall - depending on the value returned it would dim the IR LEDS. Thanks for the response buddy!

  • I ordered these and saw on the label 330 ohm resistors. I thought the label was wrong and checked the color coding and they are 330 ohm resistors. Do I have to order a new 10K pack resistors or can I get reimbursed?

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