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  • I'm trying to understand how the library got SPI.Transfer(0x8e); // Control register then line down it says, SPI.Transfer(0x60); // disables square wave......alarm clock.

    I looked through the data sheet to find where the 0x60 came from. Did they mean to transfer to the 6th bit of 0x8e register? That messed me up pretty bad at trying to understand SPI Programming. Anyone know?

  • I have a question and I was wondering why are there capacitors, i think resistors or a diodes not sure around the flex cable connector and the HC4050? I understand there's a volt regulator - is it to regulate power for the power supply header pin? I've seen a you tube video where a person just soldered a flex cable connector and some header pints without the HC4050 - bunch of capacitors and resistors and the display worked fine. Thanks for response.

  • I created a Eagle Library File of the Magnevation SpeakJet and uploaded the file to EagleCadUSA. I'll post the link once it's ready, if anyone would like to add this to their project.

  • Can this device detect IR Light as well? There's a project I'm working on which I would like to detect the intensity of the IR LEDs bouncing off a wall - depending on the value returned it would dim the IR LEDS. Thanks for the response buddy!

  • I ordered these and saw on the label 330 ohm resistors. I thought the label was wrong and checked the color coding and they are 330 ohm resistors. Do I have to order a new 10K pack resistors or can I get reimbursed?

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