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  • Sorry that the very limited vocabulary I have caused you to think I know more than you do about the beasties, I was curious is all. In fact, I am a teacher and designer of hadware and software solutions to communication, instrumentation and control equipments who dabbles in video and mechanical gizmos when I have the time. People say of me, that my worst fault is also my best asset, namely insanely unsatiable curiosity! They sometimes call me sponge bob squarehead!

    Since both your pets live on and under the ground, I understand that they rely on soil vibration to warn them of both danger and approaching preys.

    This led me to the question about the servo's vibration triggering a defense reflex in either of them.

    I do have a tendency to come up with tangential questions when exposed to new subject material, that is my curiousity reflex trigger!

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer my query and keep experimenting and being curious about what causes your trigger to ask what if?


    Robert St-Marseille Montreal, Qc, Canada

  • What about the subsonic AND audible vibrations? Could their cillia sense these and cause them to respond in a stressed manner?

    Can a watched kettle boil?

    Thank you

    Eisenberg and me Robert St-Marseille, Montreal

  • Hi Joel! Enjoyed watching the various steps of the projects. I am however curious on a biological level about the influence or IR, servo noises as well as the UV source on your captives. Are the tarentula and emperor scorpion sensitive to noises and radiation outside our visible spectrum? I know UV sources are used to attract mosquitoes in HV traps. Just wondering...

    Is there a Spark Fun pdf catalog that would allow me to research your products off line?

    Just found Spark Fun, and I love it already!

    Robert St-Marseille Montreal

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