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  • This looks awesome, was this replaced with something?

  • (member 385408 here): we put together the XOR after someone at the college EE expo explained how (spoiler alert if you want to figure it on your own):

    I kind of wish we’d held out to figure it out on our own, but it was rewarding nonetheless!

  • Just opened these up today with my 7yo daughter; she jumped right in! I’ll be honest, I bought them for ME initially to learn more about logic gates, but this may be another “toy” I have to yield to the little ones. I still plan to go thru the lessons on here, which are what sold me on the kit. My daughter asked, I swear, without being prompted “I wonder if a NAND is the same as an XOR…”

    What I’d love to see: same product but in plastic blocks + magnets, so even littler kids could play with these things w/o them breaking.