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  • Yay! I got one of these from RedBear, tho I haven't had time to mess with it as I'm still finishing my Thing project... Commenting to say "I hope you post some tutorials for this." The redbear docs are "pretty good" but some sparkfun tutorials would definitely be helpful. :)

  • This looks awesome, was this replaced with something?

  • (member 385408 here): we put together the XOR after someone at the college EE expo explained how (spoiler alert if you want to figure it on your own): http://i.imgur.com/PE2Ecfl.jpg

    I kind of wish we'd held out to figure it out on our own, but it was rewarding nonetheless!

  • Just opened these up today with my 7yo daughter; she jumped right in! http://bit.ly/U3r1A3 I'll be honest, I bought them for ME initially to learn more about logic gates, but this may be another "toy" I have to yield to the little ones. I still plan to go thru the lessons on here, which are what sold me on the kit. My daughter asked, I swear, without being prompted "I wonder if a NAND is the same as an XOR..."

    What I'd love to see: same product but in plastic blocks + magnets, so even littler kids could play with these things w/o them breaking.