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  • What I am implying is that when you perform a job with a level of integrity people respect that. In some cases people actually think the work you do is cool. In turn they ask questions. In one case a younger gentleman asked me why I did not ground myself when entering a 500v cabinet so I wouldn't get shocked if I "messed up". This is just one example of many where a young ambitious mind can be lead astray into a dangerous situation if not properly trained. Yes there are guidelines (NFPA 70e) and training for these applications, however I have watched several training videos over the years of unfortunate friends who have had "bad luck" with their meters..Im talking meat wagon and burn ward, not just soiled pants. So what is to prevent these ambitious minds from seeing someone use a fluke in a safe way, then going home and tackling that pesky water heater or clothes dryer with a meter that looks just like the one they saw someone else use? You can twist words around and try to be cleaver but when its a matter of a case where someone can get hurt -and people do - I would favor a quality product. But here lies the REAL problem. Fluke headquarters is is Washington state (Seahawks), spark fun in in Colorado (Broncos). Use a fluke and be a winner, or get blown up like a Manning. Sorry to end on a positive note...

  • Here is a comment from the other side of the spectrum. What is the insulation value of a "cheap" multimeter? If I am working above 120V and I grab a multimeter not rated for said voltage and it bursts into flames in my hand I will wish I had my fluke instead. I realize this is out of the scope for most folks but higher voltages do exist in the real world outside of dark basements and backyard sheds. I wonder how many tweakers, I mean hackers realize that these meters can work their way up the food chain to do useful duties such as industrial applications and actually be dangerous to a person who is using it for a productive purpose. Sorry to break out of the shell of blinky squeaky toys that annoy cats & dogs but there are real world circumstances where this can be an issue. If you want a toy meter, the shape should resemble a Hyundai or hello kitty. If you want a meter that looks professional spend the money for a quality meter. ps. I don't work for fluke but have owned their products for over 20 years and use I them with pride

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