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  • *** PLEASE HELP ***

    Has anyone been able to use the ESP to connect to and download data from a server - and use that data as commands - for example to turn some LEDs on/off? (does anyone understand the +IPD protocol)?

    I'd like to create an app that allows my daughter to use a web/app interface to turn some LEDs attached to ESP/Arduino on/off. The web/app interface is super simple. All it does is update a text file on my server. The file is 12 bits, each representing an LED attached to ESP/Arduino.

    I'm also able to connect to the server and download the content of the text file, using a GET over HTTP. However,

    I DO NOT UNDERSTAND this +IPD protocol that the ESP uses. While I can print the contents of the file to Serial Monitor, I am not able to use those 12 bits, for example, to assign them to an array.

    I am happy to share all the code, etc as needed. PLEASE HELP - and THANK YOU.

  • Is anyone else having issues getting the board recognized by OSX Yosemite (IDE 1.6)?

    I've tried the Troubleshoot (dump IDE, plug out/wait/plug in), other variations, restarted many times... and only ONCE was I able to get my usbcom working. When it did work, I got a "new keyboard" popup per documentation, but also got a second page where it asked me to hit the key to the right of the right-hand shift key... which I just closed. Everything worked fine and was able to get Blink and my own code working. That was yesterday; in countless tries since (or before) it has never worked.

    Incidentally, when it did work, I had a browser open in the background and noticed that the page I was on (the troubleshoot page) scrolled a bit every time I plugged in/out.

    Any ideas? Is this happening to anyone else? I'd really appreciate some help/guidance. Thanks

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