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  • You know how you can build anything with Legos? Well, you can build electronic things in the same way. We sell the parts and pieces that make building an electronic thing as easy as building a Lego thing.
    While our customers could build things that already exist - like a furnace thermostat, or a remote control toy, or a car starter, generally our customers build things they can't get elsewhere.
    One of our customers tracks his base jumping - basically parachuting off cliffs - with electronics that tell him how fast he's going, how hard he landed, and his path as he floats through the canyons.
    Another customer built a treasure box for his fiance that would only open when she got close to their vacation destination.
    Some of our customers build lights and sensors into their clothing and costumes that react to how they move and the sounds around them.
    We make electronics as easy to use as Legos, so our customers can build exceptional objects.

  • Can you give us a noise measurement? Something along the lines of x dB at 1 meter?

  • Note that if someone adds my email to the database at md5.gromweb.com then it will show up when you "reverse" it, but as of right now it doesn't know my email address, and cannot compute it.

  • Go ahead and tell me my email address using my gravatar hash string. If you know even a little bit about me you'll be able to discover my email anyway, but you will NOT be able to find my email from my gravatar hash without significantly more computing power, or a very long time, than you have in front of you right now. There have been a lot of articles on the security implications of gravatar, end the risk is minor. Add your own salt to your gravatar hash (such as myemail+randomstring@gmail.com) and it will be impossible for people to verify your email using the hash.

  • Please consider adding these proximity sensors (there are three in your catalog) to the proximity sensor category.

  • Please consider updating the images to show the front and back along with a scale.

  • There was a maker faire in the midwest, in Detroit, MI. It was successful enough that they'll likely do it again next year, but unfortunately SparkFun did not attend. Hopefully they'll come next year.

  • Arduino is completely open source. Sparkfun is moving a lot of its products towards open source and/or creative commons.
    Not one bit of Modkit is open source or creative commons.
    The concept isn't bad - remove the ability to make spelling and syntax errors by turning C programming into a drag and drop affair. Following a "freemium" business model still has benefits.
    This leaves an opening for the open source community to fill, and demonstrates a need for this sort of product/service.

  • Please consider changing the product name to "OBDII to DB9 Cable". You have an OBDII connector on one end, and a DB9 connector on the other end. There is no such thing as a "serial connector", only serial protocols. While there are serial protocols involved, they are not the RS-232 serial protocols people expect when they see a DB9 connector. Using the term "serial" to describe the product is likely to lead to more confusion.

  • Neat idea - reminds me of the Timex Datalink watches. I see they are using PIC processors (16f for mainboard and 10f for the lights and sensors), but it looks like it's all closed hardware and software. Too bad.

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