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  • I'm interested in the Microview but currently, your Microview product page states that you have 0 in stock, that you are currently planning to build zero of them and that you have no information about when they might be available again. Sorry, but based upon the information available at this time, I have budgeted 0 dollars toward their purchase. This is unfortunate as they look very interesting. Please consider featuring this product again when it is available under something other than your 0/0/none plan.

  • My wife already thinks I'm crazy... what with the solder guns and the resistors and capacitors. And the books. She reminds me that I'm a software engineer. I tell her that it is never too late to ride a wave... or a waveform for that matter. But the last time I was this certain a new trend mattered was when I saw the very first graphical web browser

  • Yes, dang it. That is precisely what I did. The beveled edge - marking pin 1 - is exactly 180 degrees off from where it should be on the 1st and 3rd bargraphs. Even though I'm clearly an amatuer, I'm feeling so much more so now. All the more so because I spent quite a while figuring out how pin 1 was marked - even took about 10 minutes to show my wife the beveled edge.

    Well, I'm going to be getting more practice with my solder sucker. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I had all 3 bargraphs correctly oriented prior to showing them to my wife :) and my intent was to solder just 1-2 pins on each one just to ensure this didn't happen. The best laid plans of mice and novices...

    The funniest thing... I was so proud of my soldering job on the bargraphs as well - bettter than anything prior... nearly perfect litttle volcanos with not too much solder, no globs, drops or smears... only on each pin 2-3 seconds. Ah well, I guess that is why they call it learning.

    Thank you, Kamiquasi. I was so confident I'd done it right that I didn't even bother to double check until you suggested the possibility....

  • Well, I got it all put together but when I run the example code, only the center bargraph lights up (i.e. the yellow one). Any thoughts as to what I may haved done wrong?

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