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  • Hi, I am using this module with 3.7V Li-ion single Cell, My doubt is that does it have undervoltage protection or something so when my battery runs below 2.5V the NCP will shut it down. Is it possible ? Is there any other way possible to achieve this ?

  • Hi, I have two questions 1) Can use the TPS61200 booster circuit while charger is connected means the USB is connected and charging the battery and simultaneously I am using the booster circuit to power on my circuit. 2) I have seen some comments mentioning that booster circuit continues to drain the battery if OUTPUT 5V/3.3V is not connected to any load, How much current it is ? So will it damage the battery ? How can I change the UVLO setting to set to 3.2V ? I think it is quiescent current I am talking about. My system doesn't have the switch so I cannot use EN pin to switch the OUTPUT disable to save the battery. 3) Is there any indication if battery is fully charged ? Regards Bishan

  • Hi, I have 3 Lipo batteries in parallel making 3.7V 6000mA, please suggest will this charger works for me or any other. Thanks

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