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  • (How to get a T-rex excited) Next Stop, Tokyo!

  • First off, AWESOME costume!Really love it!
    Second, just a small suggestion. If you two are together then make them opposite of each other. When you are red she is green like in an intersection. Timing would change and one xbee would send a trigger to the other to keep them in sync. Say red for 10 sec, green for 8 and yellow for 2. Red should stay on for the duration of green and yellow.
    Not only is it pratical but ironic as well. Showing how man and woman are so opposite!
    Great job!

  • I have, hopefully, an easy question. I have just hooked up my RN-41 breakout board and got my laptop and/or cell phone talking to the RN-41 and received the text on my PC via serial port. Problem is when I type lets say a lowercase "g" I receive an uppercase "L". Everything is messed up.I am transmitting with a usb bluetooth plugged into my laptop or I can use my phone and the same thing happens. What am I doing wrong here? All I want is to type a "g" and receive a "g". Thanks! Long live SparkFun!!!!

  • A possible replacement for the regulator is MIC5319 from micrel. I haven't tried it yet but it claims a 500ma with a 200mv dropout. Same pinout and configuration as the one that is used on the board.

  • I love it! I have an 8 year old son with Cerebral Palsy that could use something like this for simple yes/no or object selecting. What would be really cool is to add that new swype keyboard software to it.
    Great job

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