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  • America, the land of the FreeSoC and home of the br-AVC

  • The Atmel mothership is here! I have to go, my planet needs me!

  • I hope that’s lead free solder, you wouldn’t want him to get lead poisoning now would you :)

  • I always had this idea of putting an led matrix display over the bus-stop’s one, and showing alarming or strange messages over the real one. It could freak people out and make a great video if caught on camera :)

  • “First of all, I’m glad you could all come out for the roadtest program. Today we’ll be testing the dog beds here at Sparkfun. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable, need it fluffing, or would like to provide some feedback, feel free. If you’ve watched our tutorial video, you’ll understand the basics, but to get the best bang for your bark we’ll need to go over some simple rules…”

  • “Here, in the jungles of Actobotica, we find an increasingly rare species: the engineer. Limited in his mounting holes, he finds it hard to be accepted by the herd and must try to impress them with demonstrations of his prowess…” - To Be Continued…

  • How do speaker wattage ratings work? I have a 2watt d class amplifier that I really like and would love to hook it up to these speakers. Obviously there’s no chance of overpowering the speaker, but will any sound be audible at all at 25w? The volume can go very very loud on 3 watt speakers, so for comfortable listening, will these be ok? Again, I have no idea how these ratings all work, would someone mind clearing this up for me? Thanks!

  • Well, the font and back product pics definitely have plated holes on both sides, you might want to have checked those first…

  • Robert Cowan, director of Sparkfun’s top secret Extraterrestrial Mecha-Nervous System Research Division at the dissection table…

  • Creating programs with open sourced and non open sourced programming programming language classes and objects can best be described as baking a cake. If all the ingredients are open sourced and you can easily get them to use in your program cake, you can bake the best cake ever with those ingredients free of charge and in a short time frame. However, if people patent or charge for their sugar or flour, you have to either pay a great deal of money to get your cake, or grow and refine the sugar, grow grains to make your own flower, milk your own cows, and keep your own chickens, and you might get a cake eventually but it will take so much time and effort that you probably won’t get get a program cake at all, let alone one that tastes good…

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