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  • 500mA? So it won't charge PRT-08818 then. (What will?)

  • How do you use the momentary button? Power to the two solder points gives permanent on. Where do you connect to be able to use the button to excite the laser?

  • I thoroughly enjoyed following the day's progress on the web feed. Thanks -- it was a lot of fun.
    May I respectfully make a few suggestions for next year?
    Position a camera over a table or something, and prior to each run, ask the competitors to place their bot/UAV on the table (so we can see it, and them standing behind it) and tell us what it is. "A 1/10th scale Ford Pinto with a clockwork motor, and a homebrew PIC12C508 controller!" Or whatever.
    For the UAVs, a manually aimed camera that might show a bit more of the flight than the webcams picked up.
    And a FPV feed would be really cool, too, but I don't know how you'd organize that!
    Thanks again...

  • So the proper designation for this battery would be 1S3P (one Series of three Parallel) 6000mA 2C then? Because I don't believe for an instant that this pack could deliver 12 amps through that tiny little lead/connector!

  • Fifteen entrants and fourteen of them are sod-busters?

  • I for one would be pleased to see a PIC-based, Arduino-ish system, developed by SFE and sold at a competitive price.
    tdma: Now what Microchip does need is MPlab for mac and linux !!
    Good Linux support is essential for any "PICduino". (Ugh! Let's not call it that!)

  • Good tutorial, except picture of header and text use RB7 and RB6 which only applies to certain PIC chips, not all of them. Pins on my PIC (12F509) are labeled ICSPDAT and ICSPCLK. So which header pin is the DATA pin and which is the CLOCK pin?
    I think this is correct:
    HDR1 = Vpp (MCLR)
    HDR2 = Vdd (+5V)
    HDR3 = GND (0v/Ground)
    HDR5 = ICSPCLK/PGC/etc
    HDR6 = n/c

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