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  • It reads:

    //Continue to read registers until we've read the number specified, storing the results to the input buffer. for(int SPI.transfer(0x00); }

    And I'm also scratching my head over that one. I certainly won't compile.

  • I love this little board for all my LED projects as I work with 5V strips and Arduinos and everything needs to be as tiny as possible. I saw off one end of the board to make it even smaller. I did have to repair once as I sawed off too much, breaking a connection that runs to the ground terminal on the input. Why it needs to run all the way around is a mystery to me, as it can be made much shorter.

    Also, I would like to see a reverse polarity protection. I already fried one of these boards instantly as I didn't get the + and - right. Stupid of course, but still, would be nice to have protection from that.

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