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  • So here’s a question – how far apart are the 1 and 11 marker? Are the markings – including the non-graduated space between the 1 and 11 – equidistant? So 360/11° between major divisions?

    I’m trying to figure out the kind of travel I need on a potentiometer so it will dead stop at the 1 and the 11. Seems to be maybe 330° or so.

  • I decided to buy these and find out for myself.

    Out of the bag, I connected them to by power supply and hit them with 3V…and nothing. I re-stripped the wires to ensure I had connection through the epoxy, and powered them up again. Nothing. I slowly ratcheted up the voltage from 3, past 3.4V to 3.7V when they finally, and dimly lit up. They didn’t really begin to illuminate in any bright fashion until I got to 6V, and seemed to level off in brightness around 9V. I didn’t go beyond 9V.

    I noted the current draw from the power supply at 6V was about 70 mA, putting the power at about 0.42 W. I’ve assumed then the 0.016 mA draw is per echelon of LEDs (4 echelons of 25 LEDs each, according to the data sheet) => 4 x 0.016 A = 64 mA.

    I wonder if I hit these with a constant current source I could get them to be brighter at a lower volatage? I have some LM317’s that are in need of a project, so I guess I know what I’m doing tonight!

  • When I say 60/40 solder, I mean pounds.

  • Noob question: How much power will these draw when lit?

    The datasheet states a 0.05W scattered distribution (which I assume is some kind of probability curve). I also assume that rating is per LED, so for a full string with 100 LED I’m looking at 5W, plus whatever is going through the resistor of course. Am I off track here?

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