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  • Seems like you could vary the motors to create music pretty easily.

  • Neat. Coincidentally I just checked some code into Github for Ardunio Mega that controls 3 steppers (Via EasyDrivers I got from Sparkfun) from 3 analog inputs using a TIMER3 interrupt. https://github.com/dustinandrews/microscope/tree/master/microscope_MEGA

  • Thanks for the suggestions and help PT.

  • This really makes my day. Thanks a lot Spark Fun!
    P.S. Spark Fun readers, even if you don't back my project you owe it to yourself to take a look at Kickstarter. The amount of Making going on there is just stunning.
    P.P.S. I learned my reflow-fu from Spark Fun tutorials. Keep up the excellent work.
    P.P.P.S All of the footprints are right out of the Sparkfun Eagle lbr. Some are slightly modified.

  • Prototype boards cost $14 for 2 from from BatchPCB. The electronics will run you another $14 from Digikey. You can end up with 2 boards if you don't lose a resonator in the carpet. Otherwise you can go in with me on Kickstarter and get a kit for as little as $10 each for ten or $14.50 for ten complete boards.
    My other reason to do Kickstarter is that it's great exposure and if the project funds I can prove there is demand when I go to Sparkfun later and try to get them to start making them.
    If you want to make your own, knock yourself out man.

  • +1. That's a great book for those of us who didn't major in E.E.

  • Kurt, I read and watched the Sparkfun surface mount pages and videos online and was able to get enough information to start doing my own boards with the hot plate method. It's not as hard as you think.

  • I got this working, but I had a couple of minor problems. 1. The datasheet diagram a bottom view. You won't get a reading from ADJ!
    Second, I hooked up a 10K trim pot according to the datasheet, and it didn't work at all. I found by hooking the trim pot to VCC/GND and the wiper to ADJ it works fine.
    See this diagram. (Edit, added a Diagram that works) http://www.circuitbee.com/circuit/view/0000000117 the one on the left is from the datasheet as far as I understand it. The one on the right actually allowed me to trim the sensor.

  • .seY

  • I have some of these. To my surprise they are normally on, and momentary off. Which makes them pretty useless for my projects. I guess you could wire them up to a micro-controller just fine.