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  • I am trying to get this board to play a singe sound exaclty one time to completion when it is triggered, and then stop, and wait for the next trigger. Does anyone know how to achieve that? Perhaps a tutorial?

  • There are a number of problems with this board. The pins that are marked ground for the different trigger inputs are not correct. Measuring with a simple multimeter indicates that the trigger pins are labeled in reverse. That is, the pins along the outside of the board are ground, and the trigger pins are actually along the inside of the board.

    Also, the sounds are triggered too often. My understanding is that the trigger pins are pulled high, and that when grounded the sound should play. However, when I connect a signal to the pin, it just plays on a loop, whether the signal wire is high or low.

  • Can someone explain the 10K resistor in this circuit? Does it provide ESD protection?

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