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  • How did you reset the baud rate? I tried changing it in the begin(baud) function, but that isn’t working.

  • How did you fix you initial issues? I’m having trouble with the baud rate I think, but I can’t see anything from the module to help fix it.

  • I have this exact same problem. I’m worried I’ve blown the regulator already.

    I’m plugged into it using a TTL232 cable. I don’t get anything back from it about it’s status, and when I send a command it gives garbage back.

  • I’m trying to, but I can’t see any input from the shield. I thought I was having baud rate issues with the shield, so I tried plugging it into my computer with a TTL232 cable. However, I still see no input.

    I’m worried I blew the regulator already.

  • I’m trying to send text messages with this, but it’s not working. I assumed it was the baud rate, so I’ve been trying to reset it to 9600.

    I got a TTL232 cable to try talking to the module directly from my computer, but I don’t see any “+SIND…” messages. When I try talking to it I get strange ASCII characters back.

    Can anyone help me?

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