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  • This brings me back to the electronics lab at college, where people would play really really evil pranks by messing with each other's circuits. Removing one little jumper (or replacing perfect ones with internally broken ones) in a hugely populated breadboard, wiring "instant short circuit" push buttons, substituting a 10k resistor with a 330 one in a R-2R DAC, were some of the meanest ones.

    My prank idea follows the same train of thought. It basically consists in hacking an FTDI cable (or an FTDI breakout, but the cable makes it easier to hide) by adding a little 8 bitter (pic12f or attiny) that would send insulting/garbage messages (ala Sparkfun's insult generator) at random. This device would then be handed to a noob or an unsuspecting victim of course, making even the most simple Hello world example a confusing, frustrating mess.

  • Welcome to SparkFun's National Tour SMT soldering workshop! Today's lesson: fun with QFN56s

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