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  • http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/2014/10/06/345799830/the-forgotten-female-programmers-who-created-modern-tech

  • Hi, I think I just had the same problem. I’m setting up a 555 astable to power the Step-per. Project is to lift a floor sweep about 50mm while it travels back to its home position. Stepper motor is 39BYGL215A. Powering off a 12v, 1A supply. Still breadboarding to test the circuits and strength of the motor, but I’ve just let the magic smoke out of the 555 timer. Is there any simple diagrams or circuit examples about how some of these inputs can be driven. Also noticing the bottom corner components of the Easydriver(where it says 3/5v) are getting very hot. Concerned about the suitability of this board for anything other than playing with…

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