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  • NEVER NEVER try to solder a joint by putting a blob of solder on the tip of the iron, goes against all accepted practices and can result in cold or poor solder joints. Here's the proper technique. First, a little flux can be used on the joint if you do not have fluxed solder but it must be non corrosive, then clean the tip of the iron on a damp sponge, then tin the tip with a bit of solder and wipe clean again. Touch the tip to the pin and the thru-hole or pad so it touches both, then take a piece of thin solder and touch it to the joint on the opposite side from of the tip. If the tip is hot enough, The solder will melt almost instantly and the heat will draw the solder into the joint. Then quickly remove tip. Should be about a 3 second process. If this doesn't work, the solder won't melt, then your iron is too small or the solder is too big.

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